1. Awesome News

    1. BP CEO Tony Hayward, awaking from a 58-day coma, told a congressional committee he is “deeply sorry” for the massively destructive oil spill his company caused in the Gulf of Mexico.
    I mean, that’s the only conceivable explanation for the lateness of this apology, right?
    And, from the looking up synonyms for “touching” file: He also said he was “personally devastated” by the deaths of the 11 men aboard the Deepwater Horizon at the time of the explosion. He also mentioned that he “regrets” the “profound effect” those deaths had on the family members of those who perished.
    Finally, he pledged that he “would not rest” until he “made it right“. Now that’s he’s just woken up from an epic two-month sleep, he’s got all the energy in the world.
    2. Alberta Culture Minister Lindsay Blackett is backpedaling today after online backlash over his remarks about Canadian TV shows.
    In yet another case of “why don’t people get that you can’t say in public what you say to a buddy at a bar,” Blackett said at a conference Monday “Why do I produce so much shit? Why do I fund so much crap?”
    We have two words for Minister Blackett. Awesome News Nightly. We promise it won’t be crap. And if you hire us some more writers, it might even happen every day. And we could move to Alberta, I guess. They have the internet there, right?
    3. In yet another case of “I didn’t know what could happen,” two senior Halifax fire officials are suing anonymous commenters from the mystical land of the internet.
    The commenters, using handles “thetruth” and “intheknow,” commented on an article about alleged racism in the fire department. The fire officials have lobbied internet providers for ISP addresses and personal information about the users, and are suing for general and punitive damages. No statement of defense has been filed — put perhaps they haven’t checked their facebook messages in a couple of days.
    Just kidding. People on 4Chan are in no physical shape to run.
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  2. Vodacom HTC Magic 32a with Android 1.5 SenseUI Rooted - Step by Step

    Hi Guys
    I will include instructions for unlocking the Vodacom HTC Magic 32a after the 1.5 sense UI is loaded. Most of this information is already available online, and I have done it myself with my personal HTC Magic.

    The reason I wanted to do this was, that Android 2.2 is out, and my phone is stuck on 1.5. This guide is for the HTC Magic that was updated from the Leaf website with this file RUU_Sapphire_HTC_WWE_S.Africa_3.05.421.3_release_signed_NoDriver.

    Please read the guide to the end before attempting it!

    1.) I would recommend running all the following from XP, as I tried from my Windows 7 x64 Ultimate, and it DID NOT WORK. So again, please run through this guide on a Windows XP Machine.

    2.) You need a USB to micro SD adaptor. This is so you can access the SD card directly from your PC, and not through your phone. A USB flash drive SD Adaptor is what I used, but if you have a laptop with builtin card reader, that would also work. IF you dont have one, you can buy one, it costs about R200

    The following instructions:
    will void all warranties of your phone!
    will erase all your userdata!
    will change your current ROM/SPL!
    will change your current splash screen!
    could brick your phone!
    Proceed at your own risk!

    That said, you can always flash back to the original software "if" you need to return your phone for warranty.

    This guide will focus on getting an engineering SPL and radio on the HTC Magic.

    Reboot your phone, hold vol down when booting, and it will do into the fastboot. You can also press back and power. (hint: hold the vol button down until the menu appears)

    it should read:
    32a ship s-on H

    when you are finished this process it will read:
    32a ship s-off H

    The biggest problem with you phone after doing the SenseUI update, is that it reads "s-on". This basically will lock down the phone. Also the 76.0009 is a "perfect" SPL and it wont allow you to hack it. You will need to install what is called an "engineering" SPL 76.2007 is a compatible SPL with our phone and radio. Remember that the radio and SPL are linked, and always need to both be changed. Once you are on the 76.2007 SPL, you can always change to another one, as its not locked down.

    let me begin :)
    ** Skip to 2.. if your ADB is working, and your phone gets detected as a removable drive**
    ** Skip to 3.. if your ADB is working, and your goldcard is working**

    1..Setup ADB on your machine, and you can test it is working, by running adb devices from the cmd prompt

    1.1.Download the following file android-sdk_r06-windows.zip

    1.2.Install, during installation you might get a java error, if you do, then just download and install java from here.

    1.3.Check the following folder called "AndroidSDK" was created on your C drive

    1.4.The contents of the folder should such that the folders called "tools", "usb_driver" and all are within the "AndroidSDK" folder. You might need to move the files to acomplish this.
    1.5.Right-click on My Computer, and select Properties. Under the Advanced tab, hit the Environment Variables button, and in the dialog that comes up, double-click on Path (under System Variables). Add the full path ;c:\androidSDK\tools\ directory to the path.
    **Remember that you need to use ; to separate, as you will have other things in there. DONT DELETE WHAT IS ALREADY THERE!**
    1.6.On your phone, click Settings > Applications > Development and make sure USB Debugging is on

    1.7.Download android_usb_windows.zip and extract onto the desktop, it contains the ADB drivers for windows.
    1.8.Connect your phone via USB. When the Found New Hardware Wizard appears, you'll be asked if you'd like Windows Update to search for software, select No, not this time and click Next. Select Install from a list or specified location and click Next. Select Search for the best driver in these locations. Browse and select the unzipped folder. Click Finish.
    1.9.After it installs the drivers, go to "Run" in Start and type in "cmd". This is the standard procedure for invoking the Command Prompt. Type the following, followed by an Enter at each line

    cd AndroidSDK

    The command prompt should look like :

    Now type in "adb devices" and hit enter. You should see something like this :

    C:\AndroidSDK>adb devices
    List of devices attached

    1.10.You should see a serial number pop up, it’s the serial number of your phone. This means you are all set. Disconnect your device.

    NOTE:.If you do NOT see a serial number, then you need to reinstall the drivers.

    1.11. Download and Install HTC Sync Latest HTC Sync

    2.. Create a gold card with your SD. It will need to be formatted in a specific way, and you need to follow every single word. I spent about 2 hours, cous I kept missing one step, and it didnt work. This guide WORKS, but only if you follow the guide EXACTLY!

    2.1.Put the memory card you want to use for the GoldCard into your phone.

    2.2.With the memory card in your phone, click on Settings, SD and Phone storage, then click Unmount SD card. Once it unmounts, click Format SD card. (Please keep in mind that some memory cards don't work) (This will erase all data on your SD Card so back all the data up first to your computer) YOU NEED TO FORMAT THE SD CARD IN THE PHONE, AND NOT IN YOUR PC!

    2.3.On the Phone, goto Settings, Applications, Development and then make sure USB Debugging is checked.

    2.4.Plug the phone into the computer and then open the Command Prompt (goto the start menu and type in cmd in the search box). Then type the following with hitting enter at the end of each line.

    adb shell
    cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid

    (There is no spaces in this line EXCEPT right after the word cat in the beginning, make sure to put that space in)
    (I would recommend to copy this, and then paste it in the command window, you can do that by right clicking in the command window and selecting paste)

    2.5.A code will display, write the code down (MAKE SURE TO WRITE IT DOWN EXACTLY!) (Or better yet, right click the top of the window, it will give you a list, choose edit and then Mark. You can then highlight the text, then you can repeat the process, but click copy instead of mark.

    2.6.Goto this site http://hexrev.soaa.me/ then put in your code you just wrote down into the text box and click submit. It will generate the code reversed and replace the first two digits with zeros automatically. Write that down and continue.

    2.7.Now, on your computer, goto http://psas.revskills.de/?q=goldcard and enter your email in the appropriate field and for CID enter the reversed CID you just copied down BUT REPLACE THE FIRST 2 DIGITS WITH 2 ZEROS! (i.e. 12345678910 becomes 00345678910). (for me, mine was already starting with 00 so it didnt make any difference)

    2.8.Click continue and then you will receive your goldcard.img via email. Once it arrives save it to your computer.

    2.9.Now, go Here to download the HxD Hex Editor. Save it and install it to your computer.

    2.10.Take your SD card out of your phone and put it into the SD adapter it came with. Then put that into your computer so it shows up on your computer as Removable Disk.

    2.11.Open the Hex Editor (Run as Administrator if one Vista or Windows 7) and click on the Extra tab, then click on Open Disk. Under Physical Disk select Removable Disk (your SD card you just put into the computer). Make sure to UNcheck Open as ReadOnly. Click OK. (I kept frekin this step up, and I realised that I didnt have PHYSICAL DISK selected, but I had selected virtual disk)

    2.12.Goto the Extra tab again and click Open Disk Image. Open up the goldcard.img that you saved from your email. You should now have two tabs, one is the SD card (Removable Disk) and the other is the goldcard.img Press OK when prompted for Sector Size 512 (Hard Disks/Floppy Disks).

    2.13.Click on the Goldcard.img tab and click on the Edit tab and click Select All. Then click on the Edit tab again and click Copy.

    2.14.Click on the Removable Disk tab (Your SD Card) and select offset 00000000 to 00000170 then click on the Edit tab and click Paste Write.

    2.15.Click on File then click Save.

    2.16.Close the Hex Editor.

    2.17.Test what we've done:

    Take out the memory card from the computer, then put it back in.
    Try to open the memory card on the computer (Removable Disk), if it lets you, you are all set. If it asks/tells you to reformat the card, then try steps 2.2. - 2.15. again. If it gives you the same error again, then try a different memory card.

    2.18.You can now use this goldcard to root phones that were previously unrootable! **You can format the SD card when you finished**

    3..We are actually ready!~

    3.2. After successfully creating the gold card, update your phone via the downloaded RUU with the gold card inserted in your phone.

    3.3.When your phone has been updated, Download the following: **Save it to tools in Android SDK folder downloaded while creating the gold card**
    -RA-hero-v1.6.2 image
    MD5Sum: ef209630079493f741cd93e731772ff2
    **this is actually the hero recovery rom, but it works for our magic, because we have the 6.35.x.x radio and 1.76.x SPL **

    - The 1.76.2007 SPL HBOOT image
    MD5SUM 841eebbffaead7296a50a39920ec30a2

    - The Radio Image
    MD5SUM 246a858689a19975bfdcfa5538401c5f

    - Froyo Rider Android 2.2 Rom (Supports radio and 1.76.2007 SPL) FroyoRider_v0.7.zip
    MD5SUM 1920CF6FD79FD955B77207972036D61C

    3.4.Copy the files to the root of the SD card with the USB drive, or with the following ADB commands:

    cd C:\AndroidSDK\tools
    adb push recovery-RA-hero-v1.6.2.img /sdcard/
    adb push hboot-1.76.2007.img /sdcard/
    adb push Radio_HTC_PVT_32A_6.35.10.18.img /sdcard/
    adb push FroyoRider_v0.7 /sdcard/

    3.5.Open command prompt and go to the Tools folder in Android SDK that you downloaded to create the gold card.
    Assuming that you have not changed the file name of the recovery, use the following commands:

    cd C:\AndroidSDK\tools
    adb shell
    flash_image recovery
    /sdcard/recovery-RA-hero-v1.6.2.img (file name of the recovery you downloaded)

    3.6.After the recovery has been flashed, you turn off your phone. When you turn it on again, press and hold the home key.

    3.7.You phone should boot into the recovery menu system. Choose Flash zip from sdcard

    First flash Radio_HTC_PVT_32A_6.35.10.18.img
    Second Flash hboot-1.76.2007.img

    3.8.In the recovery main menu, go to Wipe, and perform all the wipes available, you need to press home to confirm

    3.9.In the Partition SD card, you can partition your SD card for compcache and apps2sd. **you can skip this stage if you want**

    3.10.After you have wiped your phone, you can now go to Flash zip from sdcard again, and then select Froyorider 0.7.

    3.11.Wait until it has finished booting completly (can take 10 minutes)

    Credit is due to Unlockr, Google, setupr, xda-developers, acidburn89, xheavenic, Amon_RA, Soaa, Viper, orange_24, papay007, cursordroid and to anyone else that I missed.
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